MILLBURN, NJ – In the last two weeks Millburn Township has been hit with a surge of car thefts and burglaries. Since March 10 there were five vehicle thefts, two vehicle burglaries and one attempted burglary.

In the last week, four vehicles were stolen from the Deerfield section of Short Hills.  Each theft occurred in the driveways of homes where the vehicles were parked and each occurred in the evening hours. 

Two weeks ago, one vehicle was stolen and two burglarized from the Hartshorn section of Short Hills. In each of these cases, the vehicles were also in the driveways and the incidences occurred in the evening.

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One attempted burglary occurred during the day in front of the Millburn Post Office.

It appears that the thieves are targeting “high-end” vehicles and during the overnight hours. The cars that were stolen thus far have included makes such as Land Rover, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Millburn Township may not be the only target. According to Captain Michael Mulligan of the Millburn Police Department, many townships in Essex County have also reported several vehicle thefts as of late.

“We believe that the same group of individuals may be involved in thefts that have been occurring," said Captain Mulligan in an interview with TAP.  “We are coordinating our investigation with several other police departments.”