Melanoma Prevention and Early Detection Can Save Your Life

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the Unites States resulting in more than 3.5 million new cases a year, but it’s also the most preventable. To honor the U.S. town it was established in, following its inception in Australia and New Zealand, MoleSafe, the world’s most advanced early detection and monitoring program for melanoma, is running a Millburn Appreciation Program at its Melanoma Screening Center, located at 60 Essex Street in Milburn, NJ. MoleSafe is offering all Millburn residents, business owners and employees a 20 percent discount off their initial screening to detect skin cancer at its earliest stages.

MoleSafe’s proprietary program combines advanced melanoma screening, detailed diagnostic reports and annual follow-up, which makes its process of early detection superior to any others. Patients who enroll in MoleSafe’s program will receive peace of mind knowing that their skin is healthy, because MoleSafe’s world-wide experts are among the most established and trusted physicians in the field.

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Each patient will experience a full body skin screening including total-body photography, digital dermoscopy and digital serial monitoring in follow-up screenings, all to assure the earliest detection of melanoma. When compared to the capabilities of a dermatologist, MoleSafe’s program excels, as it can detect melanoma when it is just 0.6mm thick, compared to dermatologists’ detection at 1.3mm thick. MoleSafe’s program also results in 95 percent fewer incisions, compared to dermatologists, which means that MoleSafe patients endure less pain and suffering and the number of unnecessary biopsies is greatly reduced.

Everyone is at risk for melanoma, however, certain factors increase an individual’s risk. The majority of patients at heightened risk include: patients with dysplastic nevus syndrome, patients with more than 50 moles, patients with a history of melanoma, patients with a family history of melanoma, people who have had transplants and have been on immunosuppressive medications, people who tan, people who have had one or more blistering sunburns, and people who have naturally light hair, light skin and/or light eyes.

The only way to effectively manage melanoma is prevention and early detection. For more information on MoleSafe, or to schedule your appointment today, please visit or call 1-877-326-6518. If you live, work or own a business in Millburn, mention the “Millburn Appreciation Program” when booking, and you will receive 20 percent off your first visit.

About MoleSafe Inc.

MoleSafe is the world’s most advanced melanoma screening and surveillance program. Headquartered in Millburn, New Jersey, with its flagship location at New York University’s Langone Medical Center, MoleSafe’s comprehensive program incorporates a suite of advanced melanoma detection and diagnosis tools and technology, including total body photography, digital dermoscopy, and digital serial monitoring, to result in earlier detection of melanoma and reduce the unnecessary removal of benign lesions. Through its partnership with MoleMap, which offers the same screening services in Australia and New Zealand, more than 40 facilities have been established globally, and thousands of melanomas and other skin cancers have been diagnosed from more than 150,000 telemedicine consultations. For more information about MoleSafe, please visit