MONTCLAIR, NJ - How did a fire begin that almost torched Bright Hope Baptist Church? Montclair Fire Officials are investigating what caused the dumpster fire that torched part of the outside of the church on Monday morning. 

No call came in to report a fire that started sometime before 11 a.m. Montclair Firefighters acted on instinct and decided to take a drive past, 6 Mission St. after seeing smoke, Deputy Chief Robert Duncan confirmed.  

When Firefighters arrived, they found a dumpster at the area of Bright Hope Baptist Church ablaze and a corner of the structure had started to burn. 

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Dunkin added, "The [firefighters] were outside working and saw smoke. They didn't know whether or not someone was having a barbecue, but decided to take a ride past." 

"When they arrived, they saw the the dumpster was in the process of catching fire," he added. 

No one was in the church at the time and there were no injuries.

Units are currently on the scene investigating.