Nureed Saeed is witty, smart, poignant, and committed. She’s a mother of three young children, and runs her own business after years as a successful “ladyboss” in corporate America. As another “young ladyboss” with two kids, I could relate to drive and desire to help her community. When she asked me to be her campaign manager, I said yes. She is that impressive. She had a clear vision for how to enhance downtown’s retail corridor, and why diversity of thought matters. So two women, with 5 children under 5 between them, took off running a grassroots campaign.

We did this on our lunch breaks, on the train, and after our kids went to bed. We did this with the help of other moms of young kids. We did this because it matters. I did this, because the standard way into politics for women, especially women of color is too long and cumbersome. South Orange’s vacant retail spaces could wait 2 years, or 4 years for someone to deem Nureed ready to help tackle that problem. Or we can say, “enough with politely waiting your turn, we need some new energy here.”

Nureed has been endorsed by a diverse group of constituents. You might not even want them in the same room at a dinner party because of their differences of opinion! Yet, Nureed brought them together. They heard Nureed’s pointed, clear, timely plan and could see a difference of opinion is not a bad thing, but a launching point for innovation. My only regret is living in Maplewood and being unable to cast a vote. Please vote for Nureed Saeed on May 9th for South Orange Board of Trustees, and help us push the door open further for other equally qualified candidates who don’t follow a traditional path to office.