Statement from the Newly Formed
Emergency Committee to Reinstate Principal Aaron

Within days following a surprise email on the evening of Saturday, June 30, more than 560 members of the Columbia High School (CHS) community have mobilized on social media to form and join the “Emergency Committee to Reinstate Principal Aaron” (ECRPA) - with a first rally planned outside of CHS administrative offices (525 Academy Street, Maplewood) on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 10:00am.

As taxpayers and parents of past, current and future CHS students, we as ECRPA members are outraged that Ms. Aaron was removed from her position abruptly, and without any clearly-stated or apparent cause. We are also deeply troubled by the release of this information on a Saturday night before a holiday week -- clearly an attempt to bury this news and hope it blows over.

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It will not.

Ms. Aaron’s combination of skills, energy and warmth make her uniquely qualified to succeed in a complex and challenging high school environment. She is at once an excellent administrator, a visionary and leader, a tremendous communicator and excellent mentor -- excelling at one-on-one communications with both students and staff at CHS. She stands in the doorway of CHS every morning and greets students by name. She proudly attends an unending series of CHS events, whether sport, academic or club-related. She has creatively stretched CHS’ insufficient funds and resources in ways that have bettered the lives of our children and of students who are yet to walk through CHS’s doors.

We will not sit back and accept the disturbing and poorly communicated decision of an Interim Superintendent and Board of Education (BOE). We demand the immediate reinstatement of Elizabeth Aaron to Principal of CHS.  We also demand that the SOMSD administration upholds our beloved community’s values of fairness and democracy in addressing this matter.

We are tired of seeing excellent educators and administrators brought into our district, only to lose them just as they’ve had the opportunity to hit their stride.

ECRPA will organize rallies, petition drives and other actions until Principal Aaron is returned to CHS. Additionally, ECRPA is taking initial steps to force a recall vote for the BOE.

ECRPA urges all concerned SOMSD parents, students, teachers and administrators to join in the July 10 rally and sign up to learn about other activities. You can find us by searching our name on Facebook.


Eric Shorter, ECRPA Spokesperson

Sampling of 560 Founding Members who endorse this Statement

Margaret Gray

Elizabeth Payne

Gina Provenzano

Eddy Bikales

Danna Seltzer

Natalie K Fisher, PhD

Sandra Wansley

Nahum Kianovsky

Terrie Nelson-Johnson

Kathy Krais

Jacqueline Lahey

April Heeren

Bill Krais

Elizabeth Cunningham Herring

Jen Levine Drechsler

Jo-Anne Callahan

Michael Goldberg

Margaret Gray

Anne Simms

Jane Kampner

Margaret Gray

Tim Gray

Timothy Gray

Dillon Gray

Shannon Gray

Finnola Gray

Molly Gray

Sue Ryan Goodman

Lawrence Lipkin

Peg McBrien

Patti Moore

Katie Wissel

Melanie Sim

Stuart Sim

Reba Auslander-Stevens

Mary Fisk

Liz Dornfeld

Sara Thom

Marc Hanes

Michael Fagin

Karen Leies

Hans Hummel

Ilana Bryant

Jasmine Chay

Hugh Cohen

Michael Laskowski

Noelle Harteveld

Christopher Trzaska

Tracy Tyson

Mary Brown

Candice Davenport

Paul Davenport

Mindi Farran

Maggie Kritzberg

Liz Barenholtz

Martin Lipp

Eileen Kaden Dean

Alice Hirsch

Larry Hirsch

Natasha Kreizman

Kristina Raines

Anne E. Boyce

Erica Anthony

Gabriel Anthony

Aron Gooblar

Marcia Marques

Susan Sheridan

Jessica Engstrom

Sheri Weinstein

Marianne Cook

Tim McGlinn

Amy McGlinn

Dana Cavanaugh

Brendan Cavanaugh

Jerry Sullivan

Rachel Sullivan

Janet Meyers Trzaska

Adam Friedland

Lynn Ankner

Keli A. Tianga
Shama S. Diegnan
Francisco Tianga
Jeffrey Lind
Marnie Doubek, MD
Joe Doubek
Michele Slade Strumeier
Jeff Strumeier
Kai Adair DuBose
Scorey DuBose
Christine Szczepanski
Maureen Fitzpatrick Griffis
Amy S. Goldberg
Morrisa da Silva
Kathryn Huang
Patti Whelan
Alethea Randazza
Andy Yonteff
Keri Lonieski
Carmen Johnson
Tom Johnson
Wendy Padilla
Inken Finnamore
Marie Todd
Cheryl Greenberg Barkin
Len Catanzaro
Cecelia Cancellaro
Silvia Rodriguez
Gabriella DM
Shana Teitelbaum
Theresa Burns
Jill Hammarberg
Kim Collins
Leo Catanzaro (CHS 2015)
Oliver Catanzaro (CHS 2019)
Eli Catanzaro (CHS 2022)
Barbra Parlin
Debbie Turvey
Sue Donney
Julia Cerny
Ed Cerny
Jennifer Greenberg
Richard Bascio
Theresa Burns
Gregory Fagan
Sandra Charlap
Mindi Burman Farran
Brian Farran, PhD
Kimberly Rosen
Sara Husted D'Andrea
LuAnne Kleppe
Ruth Landa
Andrew K. Lipetz
Laurie Tarkan
Tammy Benson-Romano
Catherine Torsney
Koji Shimizu.
Helen Mears.
April Heeren
Bryan Umiker.
John Freedson
David Jackson
Susan Anderson
Jeanie Cho
Bronwen Jones
Rachael Cronin
Lee Navlen
Michelle Scotti
Ilena Kasdan
Jeremy Abbate
Wendy Miller
Talya Rothenberg
Amy Halperin