Over the next few weeks, residents can expect to regularly see New Jersey American Water crews performing work in the Academy Heights neighborhood. In anticipation of the upcoming repaving and roadway improvement work planned by the Village on Academy Street between Massel Terrace and the Maplewood border, crews will be exercising, repairing and replacing water valves and replacing fire hydrants. In addition to Academy Street, crews may also be performing work on the adjacent cross streets of 4th Street, Massel Terrace, 5th Street, Kenneth Terrace, Roland Ave, Arnold Terrace, Prospect Pl, Hixon Pl and Sherman Pl. This planned work is being performed now, in an effort to avoid having to cut open a freshly paved roadway surface in the future to make emergency water system repairs.

It is not unusual to experience discolored water for a short time after valves have been exercised in the area. This discoloration is normal, and should be resolved after letting the water run for a short time. In addition, the replacement of valves and hydrants may require periods of water service interruption, which will be minimized as much as possible. If residents experience discolored water for a prolonged period of time or have any other concerns, they should call (855) 722-7072. Residents are thanked for their patience as we work to address years of deferred maintenance in the Village’s water system.