SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - The Board of Trustees is reorganizing the committees within its board to boost community participation.

Trustee Karen Hartshorn will oversee the finance and capital projects committee, Trustee Donna Coallier will oversee the public health and public safety committee, Trustee Walter Clarke will oversee the infrastructure and utilities committee, Trustee Summer Jones will oversee the recreation, arts and cultural affairs committee, Trustee Bob Zuckerman will oversee the planning and economic development committee, and Trustee Stephen Schnall will oversee the citizen engagement and community partnership committee.

Reorganizing the committees is being done to focus on issues that the recently-elected trustees are passionate about and to keep up with current issues that are impacting the community. The board is also eliminating or repurposing committees and enacting resolutions about issues that existed in the past but may not be relevant now.

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"We're reigniting all these committees in a new form with real expectations. There are going to be eliminations of things that are no longer necessary and additions that reflect the initiatives that the trustees ran on," said Village President Sheena Collum.

"We hope to drive a lot of participation from residents, especially with this board that is committed deeply to working hand-in-hand with the public," Collum said.

Once the trustees start to work on their new committees, a volunteer directory will go out to the public so residents can apply to be on these committees and working groups. Most committees should have at least five people.

"There are a number of committees out there that are great ideas but do not have many people on it so if there's a committee that you're interested in that doesn't have a lot of active members, pay attention to it and get active," Trustee Hartshorn Hilton said.