We represent a cross section of South Orange: some of us have lived here since childhood, some for nearly a decade and some recently arrived. We were drawn here by the uniqueness that South Orange has always possessed, but we also see the amazing potential it still has to give. We are Nureed’s neighbors and she has our vote.

Some of us have known Nureed and her beautiful family since the summer weekend they moved in 3 years ago. We immediately invited her to the neighborhood BBQ and the friendship has continued since. Other of us are the ones who she invited to her home when we moved in after her, welcoming us the way she was. Nureed is the neighbor everyone hopes to have. She knows us all, not just by our names but truly knows us, our children, our parents, and our kitchen tables.

When Nureed moved in we all watched in awe as she poured her design talents and hard work into renovating her home. Since then we have watched, not only her family and her business grow, but also her community activism. In addition to her natural talent Nureed brings a retail and branding experience, a relentless drive and a work ethic that sets her apart from the others. Nureed brings truly innovative ideas to a downtown that has been undergoing a lot of change and needs a push to truly make it a destination. Nureed has the talent and experience to make that vision a reality. We need her on our Board of Trustees.

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We represent a diverse group of young families who have a vested interest in our schools, our community, and our homes. We know that Nureed shares our interests, so on May 9th join us and vote Nureed Saeed for BOT!

Kristen Lecomte
Mathieu Lecomte
Terry Sanders
Ryan Citron
Jackie Levine
Jon Levine
Donna Cass
Greg Cass
Jill Wasserman Wechsler
Michael Wechsler
Justin Hirschritt
Steven Horn
Anwesa Paul
Umesh Goswami
Jeannie Kwon
David Stahl
Heidi Lee
Brett Johnson
Elina Berlin
David Hecht
Kinza Hecht