For the South Orange Board of Trustees (BOT) election on May 9, I am happily endorsing Nureed Saeed for Trustee.

Nureed reached out to me a couple of months ago to understand what it takes to run for and serve on the BOT and I was immediately impressed by her passion and ideas for our Village. Her extensive experience in retail development would be hugely beneficial to bring results to our struggling downtown. Her commitment to real transparency is critical to ensure that we all know what is actually going on with our Village. Her global life experiences have exposed her to innovative solutions that would be a welcome addition to the Board. Lastly, she will provide strong leadership by asking the tough questions, just as I tried to do during my six years as a Trustee, to ensure the best possible decision is made for the taxpaying residents. This is an even more vital issue with the loss of Trustee Dubowy from the Board in May, who, like myself and former Trustees Eric DeVaris and Patrick Joyce, were able to provide an independent voice and a fresh perspective to examine issues from all sides without simply following the herd because that was the “easy” thing to do.

As her campaign has evolved, I have seen Nureed’s ability to easily connect with people from all different backgrounds, genuinely listening to varying viewpoints and finding common ground. She has worked incredibly hard to get out her message, all while juggling her own business and her family, including her three young children. When I look at candidates, I look for someone who has delivered results, not just promises, and for someone who is authentic and willing to question the status quo and speak the hard truth. Nureed rates higher on all of these criteria than I have seen in a candidate in a very long time.

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I know she would be a great addition to the Board and I hope you will join me in supporting Nureed Saeed for Village Trustee on May 9.

Michael Goldberg

South Orange Trustee 2007-2013