I am excited to endorse Nureed Saeed as candidate for the South Orange Board of Trustees. Nureed and I met through mutual friends. We are both raising young children in the town and plan on calling South Orange our home forever. 

As a community activist, I often repeat the adage that “all politics is local.” The local concerns facing South Orange are critical because issues such as retail and residential development, or parking and traffic concerns affect our quality of life. We need a candidate on the Board who is committed to understanding and unraveling the complexity surrounding retail and residential development in South Orange and will take actionable steps in a transparent manner. Nureed is best poised to take on this challenge because she brings to the table 15 years of private sector experience in retail development, negotiating, and branding which is an essential component of stabilizing downtown. She is focused on the long term vision for this community and will be adept at tying together discrete projects into a more comprehensive vision for South Orange. 

I admire Nureed because she is willing to build consensus while respectfully challenging others, asking the tough questions, and demanding answers. Like her interior design style, which is innovative and modern, Nureed instinctively asks the unobvious questions because she is always thinking about the future (i.e., she recently asked a real estate developer if an uber/lyft pull off area would be located in a highly trafficked and congested area without sufficient parking; the answer was no). 

Finally, Nureed represents the future of our community; a community that is built on trust, empathy, and diversity of thought. I am so proud to call Nureed my neighbor and friend and can’t wait to call her Trustee.