I first became aware of Nureed Saeed when I read an article she wrote for The Village Green back in February 2017, regarding the immigration travel ban. Her thoughtful story about her family’s background caught my attention. Specifically, her article was not about her and how she felt, more than it was about her parents’ experiences and what this country meant to them.

Just a few months later, I realized what a special candidate for South Orange Trustee she is. Nureed has worked in corporate America and she has created local businesses as an entrepreneur. While she has only been in town for a couple of years, it is clear that she is determined to make positive changes here.

I recently heard Nureed give an interview. What struck me most was her ability to hear a question and quickly provide a thoughtful answer without sounding inauthentic. Her ability to respond so thoughtfully to multiple questions meant to me that she has been thinking about South Orange Township-related topics for some time and not just when she decided to run as a candidate a month ago. She understands that positive changes oftentimes require some uncomfortable moments to get to the end result. Her realistic perspective is not only refreshing, but it is needed in a town that needs to continue to push the envelope on innovation in governance.

I am voting for Nureed Saeed on May 9th because I believe she embodies the traits and qualities that we, in South Orange, love to declare makes us different. Her business experience is diverse. She understands how government works. She is assertive, yet diplomatic. She is exacting, yet flexible. But most important, she is willing to lead not for purposes of improving her resume or as a stepping stone to other political aspirations, but because she cares about South Orange.