SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - Pierro Outdoors presented Pride #6, a lighting installation by local artist Cat Tate Starmer from June 2 to June 4 at Cameron Field (near the Baird) in South Orange. The light installation will now also be able to be viewed this weekend on Friday, June 9, Saturday, June 10, and Sunday, June 11.

According to an update from Bob Zuckerman of the South Orange Village Center Alliance, "although Pride #6 was only supposed to be around for one weekend, I'm thrilled to tell you all that the installation has been extended through this weekend as well!  On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights you are invited to come to Cameron Field and see this beautiful installation for yourself! Thanks Cat for such a great addition to South Orange!"

Taking inspiration from South Orange Village Center’s campaign: Everybody Belongs Here, "Starmer aims to create a public art installation that both beautifies and popularizes South Orange’s public parks as a place for communion, inspiration and celebration of diversity," according to an update from the South Orange Department of Recreation and Cultural Affairs.

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A grove of trees near Cameron Field will be illuminated to represent the Pride Rainbow, with a banner of light symbolizing South Orange's commitment to maintaining a fully inclusive community, strengthened by its commitment to the arts, stated the Department of Recreation and Cultural Affairs, adding "three dark summer nights will be illuminated with a universal symbol of acceptance,"

Cat Tate Starmer is a South Orange resident, a theatrical and architectural lighting designer, an artist, and an activist. More of her work can be seen in the Blue Scarf Collective art show, Art in the Time of Resistance currently on view at the Pierro Gallery in the Baird Center until June 17.