SOUTH ORANGE, NJ — February is often considered a difficult month as it is mostly too cold to spend a lot of time outdoors, there is less sunshine, and we are generally stuck at home more than the rest of the year. Following lots of snow, snow days from school, many are just waiting for warmer weather and a change in our present situation. 

First, acknowledge how you are feeling. Considering we are still living through a pandemic which has affected or even upended our lives for almost a year, we all need reminders on how to reduce stress and maintain a positive outlook.  

  1. Stay Healthy — Make sure you are taking all the steps to avoid COVID by following recommendations to get vaccinated (as soon as possible), get tested (regularly), wear a mask when you are out and about, practice physical distancing, wash your hands, and stay updated about the changing situation. CDC recommendations are changing as new information comes available. Action helps you feel more in control.
  2. Stay Connected — While you may still not be able to physically be with others yet, use any or all methods to communicate with friends and family (Telephone, E-mail, video calls, cards, letters). Reach out to at least one person every day. They are probably feeling the same way, and reaching out can make a difference for both of you.  
  3. Keep Moving and Involved — Find physical and creative activities to increase movement, enhance your physical surroundings and utilize your skills to add beauty to your days; go for a brisk walk, knit, paint, declutter, rearrange, get some of those “projects” completed. Physical health goes along with emotional health.
  4. Seek out Laughter — Find people, memories, photos, and programs which make you happy. Laughter is healthy for the body and the soul.
  5. Stay Positive and Practice Gratitude — Warmer weather is coming our way in the next month enabling more outdoor time, and all the enjoyable activities of Spring.  Try to find beauty in the things you often do not notice. Homewatch nurse Karen Frank teaches, “Make gratitude part of every day; write in a journal, begin and end the day with a thankful prayer. When we search for things to be grateful for, magically we start to find more, and more.” 

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