SPRINGFIELD, NJ – Asking the right questions is one of the most important steps in hiring a caregiver. Not asking the right questions can be dangerous, expensive, and, ultimately, time-consuming.

Adam Blecker, President, Seniors In Place as well as President, Home Health Services Association of New Jersey has vast experience recruiting the best of the best caregivers for elderly clients – many with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other debilitating diseases.

Blecker says: “I’m appreciative of families asking questions. When considering in-home care, it is important to keep asking until you’re satisfied with the answers you receive.

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“Here are six of the most important questions, as well as how Seniors In Place answers them.”

Q.    How do you screen your caregivers for COVID-19?

A.    At Seniors In Place, we follow strict screening protocols by the CDC. All our Certified Home Health Aides take their temperatures daily and Registered Nurses conduct daily tele-health calls. By scheduling aides in fewer homes and moving to live-in care when possible, we have reduced the risk of exposure for loved one and caregiver alike.

Q.    When do you require your aides to quarantine?

A.    We prioritize the safety of our clients and our work force above everything else. The moment there is suspected exposure or evidence of symptoms, we ask aides to self-quarantine. We continue to pay for 2 weeks so that they can take the time needed to clear. Before returning to work, we require aides to provide test results and a doctor’s note.

Q.    Can you care for people who are recovering from COVID-19?

A.    We provide care for people recovering from the virus in the safety of their own homes. We follow CDC guidelines and work with families and their medical professionals to ensure home care is appropriate and can be dispensed safely.  

Q.    How can I protect my loved one from getting COVID-19?

A.    In-home care reduces the risk of COVID-19 for the elderly. Having a trained, vetted, and screened healthcare professional in the home who has been trained on CDC and Seniors In Place protocols ensures they receive the care they deserve and minimizes the risk of exposure to the outside world. Our caregivers can shop for your loved ones, prepare meals, ensure they are safe and clean, and minimize the risk of falling. They can be your eyes and ears when you’re not there, and they will keep them company while sheltering at home.

The threat of someone needing care and not receiving it far outweighs the risk of receiving in-home care from a legitimate accredited agency.

Q.    Does my parent need to wear a mask and will your aide provide one for her/him?

A.    Different agencies have different protocols and requirements. At  Seniors In Place, If you are COVID-19 symptomatic or become symptomatic, our Registered Nurse will assess the situation and determine if your parent requires a mask and, if so, the proper fit. In addition, caregivers are supplied with and wear masks to ensure safety of all involved.

If you are asymptomatic and have no recent exposure, then your loved one is not required to wear a mask when receiving care in the home.  

Q.   What training do you provide your home health aides?

A.    Seniors In Place is regulated by Division of Consumer Affairs, New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, and overseen by New Jersey Board of Nursing. We are accredited with distinction by The Commission on Accreditation for Home Care, the largest accrediting body in the state of New Jersey.

We provide ongoing education and continuous re-evaluations in our state-of-the-art Continuing Education Center in Springfield, NJ. During this time of COVID, our team of Registered Nurses continues to do tele-health, one-on-one training, and online training with our staff to ensure they are well equipped to care for your loved one.


About Seniors In Place LLC

For two decades, the Seniors In Place family has provided millions of hours of in-home and in-facility care for thousands of New Jersey families.

It is accredited with Distinction by The Commission on Accreditation for Home Care

Seniors In Place caregivers are state-certified, insured, receive benefits, and are continuously educated and regularly evaluated.

Seniors In Place caregivers are all employees – NOT independent contractors.


For more information and home care-related COVID-19 resources, visit www.SeniorsInPlace.com. For an urgent need for care, call our rapid response line 24/7 – 973-774-3660.