SOUTH ORANGE, NJ — Seton Hall University has announced that it will not require standardized test scores to be submitted with applications to the school for Fall 2021.

The announcement, on the Seton Hall website, includes the following:

“This is a temporary accommodation to assist students during the very difficult circumstances created by the global COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize that there are gifted, hard-working students who have been unable to take standardized tests, and we don’t want to deprive them of the ability to access a Seton Hall education," said Alyssa McCloud, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Enrollment Management. “Many families are struggling and we don't want to add any stress or anxiety during this challenging time. That is why I am so glad we could make this accommodation temporarily to support students through the application process." 

Seton Hall will take a holistic approach to reviewing all applications for admission and will review all aspects of the student’s record with a heavy emphasis on the student’s academic record in high school, specifically looking at grades, academic rigor, and class rank (if available). Students will have the option to apply to Seton Hall by submitting standardized test scores or electing not to submit these scores.