SOMA Film Festival has partnered with local art educators Oh! Canary to offer parents who attend this years' festival an affordable art experience for their kids (4 to 10). 

Oh! Canary will be running art classes that celebrate play and promote artistic development in the upper chamber of The Woodland on Saturday, 3/17 from noon to 6:30 pm. This service will be available in two-hour blocks and will cost only $10 per child with the purchase of a single program ticket. 

In the main theater of The Woodland, SOMA Film Festival will be running three screenings in that time frame which are - 

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Noon - Have A Heart Program
Someone Good Will Find You - Director: Leelila Strogov / South Orange, NJ -  8:40
A well-intentioned Chinese immigrant father tries to teach his son how to make it in America but unknowingly reveals the human capacity for connection, compassion, and sacrifice.

Goodbye - Director: Ali Akin / Istanbul, Turkey - 9:25
The sweet story of an aquarium fish, left over from a broken love.

New Jersey Premiere!
44 Pages - Director: Tony Shaff / New York, NY - 1:37:00
A stirring portrait of Highlights Magazine, following the creation of the cultural phenomenon's 70th anniversary issue, and introducing the people who passionately produce the monthly publication for "the world's most important people,"...children. 

Filmmaker Q & A to follow screening

2:30 Afternoon Delight I 
The Fools - Filmmaker: Chris Bean / New York, NY - 15:00 
It's another wonderfully hectic day at Good Clean Fun, a corporate entertainment firm that specializes in unique acts like Mr. Invisible and Toby the Trivia Robot.

Life Hack - Director: Sloan Copeland / New York, NY - 1:40:00
This incredibly timely romantic comedy about love, digital privacy and cyber threats in the digital age. Cover your webcam but not your heart.

Filmmaker Q & A to follow screening

4:45 - Afternoon Delight II
Gustav - Director: Ken Williams / London, England - 11:00
A man wakes up with a strange tune in his head. But what is it? And how did it get there? And when will it go away?

E-Delivery - Director: Kirsten Cho / New York, NY - 3:53
A humorous take on what the future of human reproduction may look like. 

Academy Award Nominee!
Garden Party - Filmmakers: Florian Babikian, Vincent Bayoux, Victor Caire, Théophile Dufresne, Gabriel Grapperon, and Lucas Navarro - 8:00
A female frog catches the attention of a curious male toad in a stately villa whose owner seems to have been gone for a very long time.

Northeast Premiere! 
Wild Honey - Filmmaker: Francis Stokes / Los Angeles, CA - 1:30:00
A lonely, down-on-her-luck phone sex operator who falls for one of her callers, flies across the country to meet him to find all of us are playing a role.

Lacey Buccellato, owner of Oh! Canary states, "we are delighted to be a part of such a special local event and offer parents a unique opportunity to view a screening while their children engage in art and play based activities with experienced teachers and caretakers.  A real win/win for local families!" 

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