In cooperation with the SOMSD school district, the South Orange-Maplewood Adult School is once again offering Suzuki lessons to small groups of K-4 students. In addition to violin lessons, beginning cello lessons will be offered as well as a combined violin/viola class for advanced violin students. These classes are for beginner, intermediate and advanced students in grades K-4.

There are also two orchestras this year. The New Generation Orchestra is for students who have never played in an orchestra and are past the 9th song (Perpetual Motion) or a similar song in other methods. The Varsity Orchestra, which is new this year, is for students who have at least two years of orchestra experience and/or are in middle school. New Generation will again meet on Thursdays from 6:20-7:05pm and the Varsity Orchestra will meet on Mondays from 7-8pm. Both orchestras meet in the Orchestra Room in Columbia High School.

For the full listing of string offerings and to register, visit