SOUTH ORANGE AND MAPLEWOOD, NJ - Elected officials in South Orange and Maplewood have released the following statement about the anti-Semitic vandalism that was found on the pedestrian bridge at South Mountain Reservation on Tuesday.

Statement of Elected Leadership of South Orange and Maplewood

Hatred and bigotry against any group and in any form are unacceptable. We, the elected leaders of South Orange and Maplewood, are united in speaking firmly and clearly against the rise of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism and misogyny in our country and within our communities. In our two towns we embrace our neighbors and are proud that people of different ethnic, racial, religious and cultural backgrounds and sexual orientation are living and thriving together.

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We deplore the recent acts of vandalism in South Mountain Reservation, which was primarily anti-Semitic but more far-reaching. Hate and hate symbols go against everything our two towns stand for.  We will work with law enforcement officials so that those responsible are apprehended and punished.

With broadening threats to Jewish institutions nationwide, growing assaults on mosques and Muslims, and attacks on civil rights gains made over the years, we call upon political leaders to not stand idly by but to speak out forcefully against all forms of bigotry, hatred and divisiveness. We cannot and will not be silent.


Victor De Luca, Mayor

Nancy Adams, Deputy Mayor

India Larrier, Township Committeewoman

Greg Lembrich, Township Committeeman

Frank McGehee, Township Committeeman

South Orange

Sheena Collum, Village President

Howard Levison, Trustee

Mark Rosner, Trustee

Deborah Davis Ford, Trustee

Steve Schnall, Trustee

Walter Clarke, Trustee

Jeff Dubowy, Trustee


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