SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - South Orange has signed with the Hoboken-based PropertyPilot to implement the company's cloud-based municipal management software.

PropertyPilot's platform will allow South Orange to increase its efficiency by linking municipal departments with a flexible data management system. The village's departments will now be able to share information that was once housed in separate and costly software systems, saving man hours and greatly increasing efficiency.

In addition, PropertyPilot has been contracted to create a public-facing geographic information system (GIS). This system will enhance the delivery of government services to South Orange residents, serving as a hub of free information available to everyone.

The map, which is customizable, can be uploaded to the municipal website in minutes, providing residents with real-time information, including traffic updates, property and tax maps, emergency services locations, garbage pick-up schedules, voting wards and more.

Other townships that have contracted with PropertyPilot report that the customizable map has become the most used page of their municipal websites.

With its smartphone and tablet applications, PropertyPilot unlocks the potential for South Orange's employees to be more productive, both in the office and in the field. As an added benefit to taxpayers, the software is flexible and can grow and expand with the needs of the municipality.

PropertyPilot's initial deployment includes the Code Enforcement Department, the Public Works Department, the Health Department and Administration. Employees from these departments will now be able to easily access, manage and share cross-department information that was previously disparate. Removing these information bottlenecks and constraints will help to inform decision-making while freeing up employees’ time to focus on issues that matter most to South Orange  residents.

According to Michael Bonner, PropertyPilot founder and chief executive officer, "We are proud to help South Orange improve its technology infrastructure and reach its transparency and efficiency objectives".