SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - Spring Cleanup in South Orange is scheduled to run from April 3 to May 15, with no additional pickups before or after those dates, stated an update on the South Orange website.

The update to the South Orange website stated the following guidelines to ensure residents "avoid being charged with a violation of the Municipal Housing Code:"

  • Branches: Be sure to only leave branches 4 inches or smaller in diameter bundled with cord or twine.
  • Leaves: Leaves, yard clippings, and garden rakings may be placed curbside in brown biodegradable paper bags (no plastic). Also, unlike in the fall, you cannot rake your leaves loosely into a pile in the street.  
  • Grass Clippings: Put grass clippings in plastic bags only from April 1 to Nov. 1, and contact South Orange Disposal or your landscaper for removal. The DPW does not pick up grass clippings.  

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