I'm writing today to express my support for the SO2017 ticket in the upcoming election.  I've attended Seton Hall University for the last four years and South Orange has become more than just a college town to me, It has become my home away from home.  I feel a strong urge to volunteer and give back to our Village because South Orange has given me endless opportunities and an overwhelming sense of community.  I have been lucky to serve as the Student Body President for the past two years, but I have especially privileged to work closely with our village officials.  Trustees Clarke and Schnall have been incredible in working towards a partnership of building a greater South Orange by inspiring and empowering students from our campus to get involved in the community that surrounds them.  Together we have worked to run South Orange Play Days, volunteered to check that our historic gas lamps were functioning and recently we came together to organize and fundraise for the train station centennial.  The evolution of Seton Village is also a powerful example of the mutual potential for Seton Hall to extend beyond its gates and allow students to indulge in all the Village has to offer while South Orange benefits.  I know that Karen Hilton's passions for local civic engagement and lifelong commitment to empowering people, especially women, will only add to the work that the Board of Trustees and my own SHU Student Government have worked towards.  With the combined experience of Clarke, Schnall and Hilton along with their deep rooted dedication to our beloved Village, I am excited to support this ticket and in turn further support the partnership between my University and our Village.  Vote Row B on May 9th!