MONTVILLE, NJ - What do you do with your coins? Do you save them for a rainy day? Well, if you are thinking of cashing in that jar full of coins at your local TD Bank's Penny Arcade, think again. The bank has pulled all coin counters until further notice. The bank has removed the coin counters to make sure that the machines are working well and counting properly.

"Some TD Bank locations in New York were making mistakes," said regional customer service agent Sarah P. "So TD took them out of every branch nationwide. We have not been given a date that Penny will return. But she will be back."

The bank put up signs on all penny counters in all locations, stating that "Penny is at a check up and down for the count."

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"All of our coin counting machines are in the process of being taken out of service and will be evaluated and retested," TD Bank Corporate and Public Affairs representative Judy Schmidt said. "Our machines will be brought back into service when we are satisfied they meet our performance requirements. Additionally, we will be enhancing the routine maintenance and testing of our machines."

In the meantime, Schmidt said that customers that can take their coins to any Coinstar and if they bring the receipt back to their local branch, a credit to the customer's account will be issued for that fee.

The bank stated if you are wary of the machines counting your change that branches will accept rolls of coins which can be deposited directly into a customer's account.