SPRINGFIELD, NJ –Tesla in Springfield is officially open. The ribbon cutting for Springfield’s Tesla Service Plus Location took place Thursday morning. It followed the monthly Springfield Suburban Chamber of Commerce meeting held at the Tesla location for this special event in what is the largest of the four Tesla locations in New Jersey. It turned out to be a good draw for the Suburban Chamber.

Participants included Springfield Mayor Diane Stampoulus, Township Committeewoman Geri Bugjnowski, Township Administrator Ziad Shehady, members of Springfield’s Suburban Chamber of Commerce including Mike Scalera and Scott Siedel and representatives from Tesla. Just before the ribbon cutting people were reminded Tesla established its presence in New Jersey in Springfield in 2013. 

Tesla moved from its old location on Commerce St. to the Rt. 22 location on January 16. The building was the old AAA headquarters, which Tesla renovated. There were no structural changes. The Board of Adjustment approved a variance for Tesla on October 18.  The variance provided relief from the five acre minimum for auto dealers.

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Tesla’s business model is different from other auto companies, as it maintains a small inventory and has only two to three cars in the showroom.  Currently, it offers just two models and each car is custom-made to order in California.

A third, more mass market model will be released on March 31. It is the Model 3 and before any design was seen or specs were announced, Tesla received deposits for the car from 125,000 customers. That total has swelled to over 373,000 for a car with a starting price of $35,000 and minimum range of 215 miles. 

Tesla has built a network of charging stations in the USA that cross the country on major thoroughfares both east and west, as well as north and south. The gap between stations is at most 150 miles, which requires a charge of about 20 minutes. The complete charge is closer to an hour.