MAPLEWOOD, NJ - Maplewood Mayor Vic De Luca issued an updated NJ Transit alert on Thursday, July 6, ahead of Monday, July 10, when NJ Transit will offer greatly reduced train service into Penn Station through September 1.

The update from Mayor De Luca is as follows:

Hi folks. This is the final update before the big day on July 10.
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On May 23, Governor Christie made a surprise announcement that “all of the trains on the Morris & Essex line — the second busiest line on New Jersey Transit — that usually run directly to Penn Station will be diverted to Hoboken Terminal.” (NYTimes)
Upon hearing this news, elected officials in Maplewood and South Orange, along with our state representatives, sprung into action. We organized other elected officials and lobbied NJ Transit for changes to give our residents more travel options. We got a few wins.
Here’s the service from Maplewood in one tidy package:
1. Direct into Penn Station – There are now three morning trains that will go directly into NY Penn:
5:04am from Maplewood – arriving in NYC at 5:44am
5:49am from Maplewood – arriving in NYC at 6:29am
6:21am from Maplewood – arriving in NYC at 6:58am

2. Non-local trains to Hoboken
6:05am from Maplewood – arriving in Hoboken at 6:33am
7:01am from Maplewood – arriving in Hoboken at 7:26am
7:18am from Maplewood – arriving in Hoboken at 7:50am
7:33am from Maplewood – arriving in Hoboken at 7:58am
8:14am from Maplewood – arriving in Hoboken at 8:46am
9:03am from Maplewood – arriving in Hoboken at 9:37am
3. Local trains to Hoboken at 5:34am, 6:29am, 7:06am, 7:46am & 8:38am. Local train travel time is about 40 minutes.
4. NO evening direct trains from NY Penn to Maplewood. All evening trains to Maplewood are from Hoboken.
5. Purchase a Hoboken ticket for weekday travel – monthly, weekly or daily. Save all tickets for cross-honoring on jitney, buses and ferries.
6. Weekend train service from Maplewood to NYC Penn as scheduled. Hoboken monthly and weekly good for travel to NY Penn. Daily tickets are required to/from NY Penn.
1. Use your Hoboken tickets for the continuation on the
a. PATH at Hoboken, 33rd Street and World Trade Center (Note: No cross-honoring at Christopher, 9th, 14th & 23rd Street PATH stations for trip to NJ.)
b. Ferry at Hoboken and the 39th Street Ferry Dock and the transfer buses from the Ferry Dock
c. Buses to Port Authority Bus Terminal from Maplewood and South Orange
d. Buses to Port Authority Bus Terminal from Newark Broad Street
e. Buses to Port Authority Bus Terminal from Hoboken Rail Terminal
f. Light rail station at Newark Broad Street to Newark Penn Station (Note: You will need to purchase a NY Penn ticket from Newark Penn to NY Penn. Hoboken ticket not eligible for cross honoring on NY Penn trains from Newark Penn.)
There is now going to be morning bus service from Maplewood to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Buses will leave Maplewood (at the corner of Oakview Avenue and Dunnell Road) at 7:00am, 7:30am,  8:00am, 8:30am and 9:00am. Each bus can accommodate 54 passengers and standees are not allowed. There will be no evening bus service from NYC to Maplewood.
The following bus lines run through Maplewood and might be an option. The #107 local bus to NYC is on Irvington Avenue. The #25 (local)/#375 (express) buses are on Springfield Avenue and go to Newark Penn. The #31 bus is on Valley and goes to Newark Penn. Check out the NJ Transit website for more information about these bus lines.

The morning schedule has been altered.
Arrive at Maplewood train station for 5:04am NYC departure
Arrive at Maplewood train station for 5:49am NYC departure
Arrive at Maplewood train station for 6:21am NYC departure
Arrive at Maplewood train station for 7:01am Hoboken departure
Arrive at Maplewood train station for 7:33am Hoboken departure
Arrive at Maplewood train station for 8:14am Hoboken departure
Arrive at Maplewood train station for 9:03am Hoboken departure
The evening schedule has the following departure times from the Maplewood train station: 5:20pm, 5:47pm, 6:12pm, 6:39pm, 7:04pm, 7:32pm, 7:57pm, 8:07pm & 8:47pm
You will need a jitney pass or pay $2 per one-way trip.
The Maplewood Memorial Library has expanded its morning hours at both buildings to accommodate the public’s need for quiet work space, meeting space, and access to printers, Macs & PCs, faxing, Wi-Fi, etc. Call 973-762-1622 for more information or to reserve space.
Work and Play at 19 Prospect St. in South Orange is having specials during the Penn Station construction period. The phone number is 973-327-4729.
Look for NJ Transit workers at the Maplewood train station and Hoboken rail terminal. They will be able to answer your questions and take your concerns, complaints and suggestions. 
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-Mayor Victor De Luca