I’ve known Nureed Saeed since she moved into her house in Newstead in 2013. I’m supporting her for Board of Trustees because I know that she will bring the same hard work, dedication, and attention to detail that she brings to her business to the Board of Trustees. We need some new energy, new perspectives, and new ideas to help make sure our town develops in a way that is helpful to all. We need someone with vision and with experience in retail licensing and retail development who can see how bringing in flagship businesses stabilize the whole town. We need someone who asks questions, not just for the sake of asking them, but because she’s pushing us to become better, to not settle, and to be our best selves. We need someone with the courage to stand up to a group and the intelligence to know that speaking out, while uncomfortable, is often called for.

Nureed Saeed is not the “same old thing.” She hasn’t run in the same circles as most of our elected leaders in town. She’s tapped into parts of our communities that we need to bring to the table. Our town has seen the growth of young families moving in who want a town that is diverse. We owe them a government that not only sees the value in that diversity, but actually represents it. We have a chance to elect a woman with passion, with experience, with intelligence and with genuine roll up your sleeves and get down to it work ethic. A young woman who chose this town to raise her family, start her business, and build her own community. Nureed Saeed has my vote. She should have yours too.

Suki Shikiar