We are writing to urge our fellow South Orange residents to vote on May 9th for Karen Hilton and her running mates, Steve Schnall and Walter Clarke.

We have known Karen and have worked closely with her for over 20 years. We can attest to her integrity and dedication to our community. Karen has been a force for good as a volunteer leader in our schools and at our public library for many years.

Walter Clark's commitment to the environment is unwavering and grounded in reality. Steve Schnall's business savvy is second only to his devotion to South Orange and his boundless energy.

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Fostering a strong working relationship with fellow trustees is the best way to ensure things will get done. Steve, Walter and Karen know how to work well together and we urge you to vote for the entire ticket. 

Every vote counts in our local elections. Please turn out for Line B on May 9th!