MAPLEWOOD, NJ - The Township of Maplewood has advised that there is a water main break affecting vicinity of Oakland Road and northeast portion of town Prospect Street to Boyden Avenue. The estimated time for repair is 7 p.m. today. As there is more information the township will update as information is received.

Both the Recreation Department and the Township have announced the Maplewood Community Poll is closed today due to the water main break until further notice.

During the night, the 16-inch water main that runs down the hill beneath Oakland Road cracked and caused a geyser to spring up around 12:30 a.m., according to Sarah Cox until American Water Company was able to reduce the pressure. The reduction in pressure resulted in many homes in Maplewood not only having reduced water pressure, but total lack of water.

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By mid-day the repair work was well underway, and having been connected first to Nick Pinto, Kevin the foreman’s boss and then to Gail Driscoll, Manager of External Affairs she told me that barring any surprises they were making a timely repair and expect the repair to be completed in about 3 hours (it was about 1pm when we spoke). She said “we are sorry for the inconvenience to the local residents and appreciate their patience. Our ultimate goal is to provide safe and reliable water supply to the residents”.

Maplewood Fire Department took precautionary action as John Connor, Maplewood Fire Fighter explained that as soon as they became aware of the break in the water main, Maplewood called upon the district support. That activation is what brought water tenders which carry water and have large inflatable pools that should there be a fire, are set up and the pools filled from the tank truck. The truck then refills from a water source other than the hydrants which during the repair have insufficient pressure for the fire hoses.  The pools of water become the source for the firefighting activities. There has not been any fire emergencies today.

Around 3:30b pm, the repair had been made and the crew was working to re-fill the hole. As of 4 pm the Maplewood Community Pool was re-opened.

Calvin Bell, Head of the DPW relayed this from New Jersey American Water “the water is SAFE to drink and no boiling is necessary.  Residents should run the water for a few minutes so any rust is removed.”

Meanwhile at the corner of Highland Place and Maplewood Avenue, the fire hydrant started leaking today, and a repair crew was last seen digging to enable the replacement of the pipe and hydrant. That repair is projected to be completed very late into the evening.