WEST ORANGE, NJ — Residents present at the West Orange Township Council meeting on Tuesday suggested that the council should put more pressure on the county to build sidewalks in the Northfield Avenue section near the Turtle Back Zoo.

Anthony Puglisi, director of the Office of Public Information for Essex County, said the county has looked into this issue.

“Right now, we are building more parking decks, when people living nearby could walk to the zoo,” said resident Eric Freedman. “It would be more environmentally friendly and allow seniors and others in the area to walk there more safely.”

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In response, Puglisi said that in order to put sidewalks in this area, the county has to meet certain required traffic and pedestrian criteria.

“We have found that there isn’t enough room at the side of the road for sidewalks, he said. “The deep slope is also an issue since sidewalks have to meet handicapped accessibility requirements. I will have our Public Works Department take another look at it.”

Puglisi also agreed to look into the graffiti situation that has worsened over the past two months on West Orange’s Route 280 exits.