My family has come to know Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad and her family very well over the years. My son served on the Board of Education as the student representative the year Stephanie first ran. My daughter danced with Stephanie’s daughter for years, including in Special Dance at Columbia. And I have worked with Stephanie's husband in my professional capacity on social justice initiatives. 

Stephanie’s volunteerism around equity has mirrored my own professional work. My career has been spent in public service. Most of my work has been centered around social justice in the family law context, most recently helping at-risk youth overcome adverse childhood experiences like poverty, incarcerated parents and homelessness. My organization works to transform the systems serving our young people so that they can get the supports they need in order to become successful adults.

More than any candidate currently running for the Board of Education, Stephanie’s values mirror my own. I trust her implicitly because of what I've seen of her integrity and sheer grit. She's on a mission to improve the outcomes of every child in our district. I have been impressed with her advocacy for those children most likely to be left out and who most need a voice. And I believe her experience and commitment to equity make hers an indispensable voice on the Board as we implement the much-needed Integration and Innovation plan.