The members of the Youth Advisory Committee would like to state that we are extremely disgusted and horrified by the acts of domestic terrorism that occurred at our nation’s capitol on January 6th. We are teens of the great township of Maplewood, and refuse to ignore the hate, bigotry, and violence in our nation. No matter political affiliation, we will never stand by during violence in America.

Trump’s blatant abuse of power, spreading lies and further encouraging and instigating the terrorists is unacceptable. America will not be bullied into submission by anyone, even President Trump… We are so much stronger than that. 

Often as teenagers, we reflect on what we desire for the future of this nation. We’re the next age group who will one day lead this country with integrity, and hope that we can look at the disarray in our nation to reflect what we want the legacy of our generation to be. Our generation has time and time again proven to be one not afraid to fight for justice and fairness, represented by the youth involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement this past summer.

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As the Youth Advisory Committee, we stand for social activism and progressive change, and we encourage others to STAND WITH US. We the citizens of Maplewood, recognize our duty to bring positive change to this town, with messages of love and hope in mind, not bigotry and hatred. We hope everyone is safe and continues to work to promote unity, peace, and strength in this town. Thank you!


The Youth Advisory Committee of Maplewood Township


Elizabeth Crofton, Senior, CHS - Chair

Justin Strugger, Freshman, CHS - Co-Chair

Emily Donohue, Freshman, CHS

Guedalia Dalambert, Junior, CHS

Phoebe Hill, Sophomore, CHS

Lily Hawryluk, Sophomore, CHS

Esther Agyare, Junior, CHS