SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - In a recently-launched national campaign, South Orange resident Merlo Weiss seeks a stem cell or bone marrow donor. Doctors recently diagnosed the 45-year-old with an aggressive form of bone marrow cancer called acute myeloid leukemia (AML), according to updates on the Gift of Life website.

Chilean, Latino or Hispanic donors are encouraged, because a shared ancestry can determine a match. No matching donor currently exists in the Weiss’ family nor the worldwide registry.

Merlo produced The Makeup Show, one of the country’s largest professional makeup events, and currently stays home to care for his 9-year-old son. He enjoys playing tennis, travelling and participating at his synagogue, according to updates on the Gift of Life website. Merlo’s husband David, and his family in both the U.S. and Chile, have widely promoted his campaign, including his cousin Viviana.

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“I appeal to the love you all feel for our family, our shared experiences and connections, to give us your help by getting a swab test to see if you can help him,” said Viviana in a Facebook post. “Our Merlo’s life is at stake, and we can only ask for your support so that you can save him with your valuable act of love.”

The #Match4Merlo campaign has raised more than $13,000 to date.

To learn more and to help Merlo, visit his Donor Circle page here.