SOUTH ORANGE, NJ — “We are proud to announce that we now have 100+ caregivers that have been vaccinated along with 100% of our clinical and internal support staff”, exclaimed Larry Aronson, Owner of Homewatch Caregivers of South Orange. At Homewatch, they know that many people in the community have postponed necessary home care for their family members due to their concern about COVID-19 exposure. Isolation and loneliness have had a major impact on seniors over this past year.  

As always, Homewatch strives to provide the safest home care support possible, which ideally includes a vaccinated caregiver. Now clients and their families can feel confident knowing their family member is being cared for by an aide who is vaccinated. Homewatch will continue to educate, encourage, and enable all those caregivers that have not yet chosen to complete the vaccination process. “We are striving for 100% vaccination of our entire Homewatch CareGiver Team,” Aronson concluded.

For the past 14 months, Homewatch CareGivers has been implementing a comprehensive, continually updated COVID-19 safety strategy which includes:

  • Educating and encouraging till 100% of caregiver staff are fully vaccinated
  • Nursing, social work, and office staff fully vaccinated
  • Daily screening and regular Covid testing of caregivers and staff
  • Caregivers fully equipped with PPE
  • Full compliance with CDC recommendations

If you or your loved needs care in your home or in a residential facility, you can feel confident with the services of Homewatch CareGivers. Call 973-810-0110 to learn more or contact Randi Brokman at