You bought a new house (congratulations!) and its your first night in the new house. You get cozy and settle in for the night. Your husband wakes up early for work and then so do the kids. Its 5:30 a.m., and your hardwood floors creak so loudly it sounds like someone was trying to break-in. How did you not notice this before you moved in?

Or maybe you’ve been in your house for years and this is an issue you’ve been meaning to get to for a while. But, first, you needed to replace the roof and then the boiler and then… Creaky hardwood floors seemed low on the priority list. And then you had a baby. Now the only thing you can think about is keeping the baby asleep.

So is there really something you can do about creaky floors? Let us save you the time to find an answer. So we got the low-down so you can just get the job done. Or not. Maybe just taping where to walk (Hey, it’s been done) is the best you can do right now. After all, we’ve heard that we’ll like our creaky floors once the kids are teenagers. Makes it harder to sneak around.

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Since we are obsessed with all things houses, we were very excited to meet with one of the most recommended flooring experts in The Facebook group, "SOMA Lounge." This guy gets all his business by word of mouth because, according to his fans, he’s HONEST.

Bruce van Ysseldyk is originally from Holland and still has his Dutch citizenship but now lives and has worked in this area since 2009.

Adamson Ramsey Homes: How long have you been in business?

Bruce: I learned from my father, Jacob, when I was younger and then took it over.

Adamson Ramsey Homes: Do certain woods creak more?

Bruce: No, but age in older homes plays a huge part. Besides floorboards loosening up over time, due to expansion and contraction, the same thing happens to the sub floor.

Adamson Ramsey Homes: Do the DIY kits from the hardware store work?

Bruce: No, unfortunately, it’s a little more complex than that. You might have success in fixing one little area that creaks, but, even that’s doubtful.

Adamson Ramsey Homes: What can you do, if anything, to prevent creaking?

Bruce: Having a dehumidifier is the best thing you can have for the health of your floors and for you. Keeping the humidity level in the home is very crucial in keeping the boards from expanding and contracting.

Adamson Ramsey Homes: How do you know if the floors cannot be fixed and restored?

Bruce: Floors need to be replaced when the tung and groove joints start to fall tapart. But, even then, it’s possible to replace just those floors boards. I like to restore and repair a floor if possible. However if there are too many that have to be replaced, then the decision has to be made to replace the floor.

And what’s the NUMBER ONE reason for creaky floors.......... 

Lastly, Bruce is not a fan of this dark floor trend in all new homes that we see. According to Bruce, the color shows wear WAY faster and makes the house seem darker. So what new trend is he seeing? Grey. And we love the sound (rather, no sound) of that floor color.

Bruce, or another local flooring expert, will come to your home and provide an estimate for the time and cost it will take to make your floors what you want them to be.

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