On June 6, SOMA Two Towns for All Ages will host a Transportation Summit with speakers and vendors focused on transportation options for older residents.Come and hear about the important role transportation plays in an individual’s independence and health.  

Learn more about the South Orange and Maplewood Senior Bus services. Sign up for classes by AAA, NJTIP, and more.  alk to local taxi companies, medical transports and EzRyde, get registration information for Essex County Services and Accesslink.  The goal - for ever attendee to walk away with one new option for getting where they need to go.

Cathy Rowe, Coordinator for SOMA Two Towns for All ages, explains the rationale for the summit: Transportation isn’t just about getting to doctor’s appointments or limited to the daylight hours.

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Independence and being able to maintain an active, engaged and socially connected lifestyle has been proven to have positive impact on health  - both physical and mental - and longevity.  Both Maplewood and South Orange provide free transportation for seniors during the weekday.  Essex County has free services for seniors to travel within the county. In addition, there are private options including local taxi companies, Gogo Grandparent, EZ Ryde Uber or Lyft to get you where you want to go when you want to go there. 

We want to introduce residents to options to meet their changing and temporary needs. Some people might not feel as comfortable driving at night or walking a long distance for parking, so using a local taxi company or having a Gogo Grandparent account might be a good option to have on hand. People might need rides to doctor's appointments just for a few weeks after a procedure, before they can resume their normal driving - there are free or low-cost options for that. Other people have no concerns about driving, but can learn how to adjust their car settings through a AAA CarFit class for maximum safety.

The range of transportation options is quite wide and there will be sign ups for future classes from AAA, and for learning about NJ Transit and public transportation.

The Summit will be held at SOPAC in South Orange. Speakers and presentations will be from 10 am - noon, followed by a light lunch and time to meet with vendors.  

Reserve your seat by calling (973) 762-8120 x 4005 or email:SOMA2towns @gmail.com.