MAPLEWOOD, NJ - Families from South Orange and Maplewood got the chance to learn about more than 25 area summer camps on Saturday, at the second annual SOMA Summer Camp Fair, hosted by Susie Adamson and Bonnie Ramsey of Adamson Ramsey Homes.

At the fair, which was held at Winchester Gardens, parents and kids could meet with representatives from a variety of camps, and learn more about the programming offered, which ranged from overnight camps to yoga and dance camps.

The South Mountain YMCA, one of the camps at the fair, has a variety of programs for campers of all ages, from traditional camps to specialty camps focusing on golf, theater or skateboarding. For older campers, there is a Teen Adventure Camp (grades 7 to 9).

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James Goodger, South Mountain YMCA Executive Director, shared that the Y's camp programs continue to expand each year. "We continue to grow, not only with our year-round activities, but with our summer camps as well, through partnerships with various township owned facilities and privately owned properties to accommodate more and more children and provide them with diversified activities, including swimming in season, under the safest possible conditions," said Goodger. "We do what’s best for the kids.”

Adamson shared that the idea to host a summer camp fair came from seeing that parents had a lot of questions about camps. "We wanted to host an event which is a value to the community," said Adamson. "We’ve seen many questions about summer camps on various Facebook pages and we decided to help.”  Adamson commented how much she and Pearson appreciate the assistance from Bill Brottman of Winchester Gardens who partnered with them to put on the camp fair this year.