For the first time ever, Columbia High School will have a program of short films completely dedicated to their student filmmakers at this year's' SOMA Film Festival, that takes place from March 18-22 at The Woodland in downtown Maplewood. 

The screening is entitled, “Columbia High Student Shorts Program," and will take place on Saturday, 3/21 at Noon. 

It's always good to reach out to as many local filmmakers as possible, so they have the opportunity to see their films play on the big screen in front of friends and family. It was a great pleasure working with Columbia High film teacher Paul Marigliano on this exciting screening,” stated SOMA Film Festival Director and Founder, Matt Smollon.

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A total of 17 films are set to screen and the full schedule is - 

Meat, Filmmakers: Myles Shapiro and Eabha Baluyu. A hungry man meets a burger he’ll never forget. Runtime: 1:30
Underground Rapper, Filmmaker: Ethan Halperin. A heartfelt documentary about a national treasure and a cultural icon. Lil Wubzy will worm his way into your heart by the end of this film, if you don't give up on it first. Runtime: 12:38

The Puppet, Filmmakers: Sam Koranteng and Eli Fishman. A student is seeing things, a puppet in his dream comes to life. Runtime: 6:31

e-Thief, Filmmakers: Hafeez Hardin and Josh Pierre Luis. A story about a crime lord hustler that can't help himself. Runtime: 5:37

The Rap, Filmmakers: Sam Cohen and Eli Fishman. The story of a bullied student’s rapping redemption in his music class. Runtime: 11:46

Athlete, Filmmakers: Jordan Miller and Jordan Young. A young athlete aspires to save the big game after his “bro” takes a massive tumble. Runtime: 7:11

The Cougar Critic, Filmmakers: Eli Fishman, Ashley Lucas, and Chris Woods-Jones. A student begins an Instagram account on which he exposes his classmates embarrassing moments but when one student finds out it's him, everything goes south. Runtime: 4:23

Air Drop, Filmmaker: Jordan Young. Two students switch brains and realize that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Runtime: 6:06

Rapping Rebirth, Filmmaker: Sam Koranteng. If at first you don’t succeed, keep rapping until you do. Runtime: 5:42
You Have the Right to Remain Silent, Filmmakers: Jordan Miller, Jordan Young. Film noir in Columbia High School. A murder at CHS forces a young detective to take on his father’s business. Runtime: 8:22

The Great Eggscape, Filmmakers: William Grew and Abraham Gebremariam. Three eggs plot their escape from a suburban home and a true adventure ensues. Runtime: 1:56

A Day in The Life of Surbarnabiss Smalls, Filmmaker: Zach Slavin. After an odd turn of events a student turns into a clay character and has to make the best of his new life. Runtime: 3:30

Requiem for A Sean, Filmmakers: Jordan Miller, Sean Boisrond, and Nadira. A view into the imagination that goes into a pitch meeting. Runtime: 8:44

Subway Fight, Filmmakers: Jeffrey Bryant, Sean Boisrond, and Cynthia Agu. This is what happens when you spill a superhero's drink at Subway. Runtime: 2:00

The Gum Run, Filmmakers: Sam Cohen, Sam Korantang, Isaac Center, and Carter Nunez. A story about the destruction of two childhood friends over a very important piece of gum. Runtime: 5:01

Caller ID, Filmmakers: Ethan Halperin, Sam Cohen, and Carter Nunez. There is a killer on the loose at CHS! Students are not safe until this man who hides behind a phone is discovered and put to justice. Runtime: 13:18

Don’t Let This Be You, Filmmaker: Sam Lindsay. A public service announcement visualizing the dangers of clicking on banners with suspicious insinuations. Runtime: 1:03

Chase, Filmmakers: Lawson Saby, Zach Slavin, and Aydan Braunstein. There are 10 commandments that we know of.  It turns out that there are actually 11 that we should follow and it is, "Thou shall not steal another's song.” Runtime: 3:13

Brain Switch, Filmmakers: Natasha Romano, Joshua Pierre-Louis, Antonio Gonzalez, and Jeffrey Bryant. An irresponsible student decides to mess with chemicals he didn't understand and as expected an experiment goes terribly wrong! Runtime: 8:20

Tickets are only $6 for students, and $10 for adults and can be purchased HERE.