There are many reasons why today is the day to get to know Sharon Tanenbaum Kraus. I've known Sharon for over three years and not a day goes by that I don't feel her support, encouragement, guidance, and humor. Sharon and I became fast friends, connecting over a mutual love of our industry, a similar work ethic (although how Sharon is able to fit twelve hours worth of work into an eight-hour day I will never know) and an affinity for laughter. But what started out as a handful of conversations that were the highlight of my day became something much more meaningful to my life and career. 

Rarely does one meet a person who can juggle a genuine concern for the wellbeing of others with an extraordinarily high standard of conduct. Sure, we all know that person who raises the bar for us all in life thanks to their efficiency, intelligence, and experience. But when was the last time that same person was also the kindest, most thoughtful, and intuitive one in the room? So often we are asked to choose either or — to opt for personality over professionalism or passion over hard work. To choose Sharon Tanenbaum Kraus is to choose it all and then some. Her commitment to meaningful change is only rivaled by her impressive capabilities as a leader, a mentor, and a friend. Sharon is, quite frankly, a force of nature who has given and will continue to give her all to making those around her have a better life. 

Like every other aspect of her life, Sharon does not take the responsibility of being on the Board of Education lightly. But, I can wholeheartedly say that she will approach her role with the same level of open-mindedness, determination, and enthusiasm that she brings out in those of us who have had the pleasure of having her in our lives. 

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