SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - Local businesses teamed up to fight hunger with an event that's never occurred before in town.

The Fox & Falcon, SOMA Brewing Company, and Farm & Fork Society hosted an open air feast at Floods Hill on Friday night.

Proceeds from the feast were donated to MEND Hunger Relief Network of Essex County, an interfaith network of 20 food pantries in Essex County.

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"It's an open invitation to come mingle with strangers in such an awesome and inviting setting," said Farnaz Heydt, co-owner of SOMA Brewing Co. "Collectively, all of us who opened small businesses here wanted to feed the people in our backyard."

Open air feasts like the one in South Orange are designed to let people eat communally in an outdoor setting. During open air feasts, people meet other people in the community and may raise money for a cause. In South Orange, all the food, dishware and supplies used that night were provided by local businesses and residents.

The open air feast in South Orange featured an appetizer round, a main course, and dessert.

"We put the word out to the whole community," said David Massoni, owner and operator at The Fox & Falcon. "Tickets sold within the first 48 hours of the event."

Massoni cooked appetizers and entrees for the dinner and made the dessert.

"It's a great cause," said Nicole Keller of Springfield who came to the event. "Fresh food should be in food banks."

The event was open to the public. Tickets for the open air feast were $100 each and were sold on Eventbrite.

Check back for a photo gallery from the event.