SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - At the same time that hundreds of other "Nobody is Above the Law" rallies were taking place across the country, more than 100 people came together in solidarity at the gazebo in South Orange in protest of Donald Trump's firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and removal of Rod Rosenstein from overseeing the Mueller investigation.

Many at the rally held signs with slogans like "Indict Trump," "Protect Mueller!", "Nobody is Above the Law: Support Mueller Investigation," and "The rule of law must trump Trump."

Amy Higer of SOMA Action spoke first at the rally, welcoming all and reflecting on the recent midterm elections and the successes that she said were the result of activism, adding, "we have to keep going."

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Higer encouraged all to contact their elected officials and tell them to protect Robert Mueller and his investigation.

"He [Trump] is not going to stop until it’s a complete autocracy," said Elizabeth Redwine of Essex Rising, who also spoke at the rally.

Redwine thanked SOMA Action members for their canvassing and other efforts in the recent elections. "We're a blue state now, we're not purple anymore," said Redwine to cheers from the crowd.

Everyone was invited to speak, and many did, asking those assembled to keep going and to continue to come out and make their voices heard.

Several speakers stressed the importance of contacting elected officials, with one person saying, "make sure he [Corey Booker] hears from you."

Others encouraged those assembled not to get tired, and to keep going even though they might feel weary.

Maplewood Township Committee Member Dean Dafis congratulated the members of SOMA Action on all of their hard work, and encouraged all to keep going and to realize the power in joining together. "All we have in terms of power is our network and our collective resistance," said Dafis.

“Democracies do not stay alive.. when we the people stay quiet,” said Dafis. "We must speak up together. United we will never be defeated."

SOMA Action President Lillan Hawkins encouraged everyone to get together, to write postcards, and to continue to work together and to advocate for change. "It's all about community," said Hawkins.

The rally also included a moment of silence for the victims of the mass shooting on Wednesday night in Thousand Oaks, CA.

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