SPRINGFIELD, NJ - The Chisholm Community Center was humming Friday afternoon as Springfield residents took shelter from the cold. Some residents have been without power since the first Nor’easter last Friday. With temperatures hitting a low of 30 degrees, many households were hovering around 50 indoors.  A FEMA grant recently obtained by the Engineering Department enabled Chisholm to be outfitted with a generator.

All Township Committee members are without power as is most of the Township staff. Township Committeewoman Erica DuBois has been at Chisholm for two days. She said, "We are frustrated and we are not getting the information that we need. People need to make plans. We understand what people are going through we can empathize but that doesn’t make anyone feel better.”

According to Recreation Director Adam Lieb, Chisholm will be open as a warming center from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. over the weekend. If you need to sleep over, plans can be made with the CERT program. Please call 973-376-1058 to register. Volunteer Karen Bonacorda indicated over 12 people stayed Thursday night and she expects the number to rise into the weekend.

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On a visit to the Waverly substation across the street from the fire Station, as many as a dozen trucks were spotted ready to get to work. Springfield is served by three substations; Waverly Road, Fadem Road and Briant Park.  Waverly accounts for the bulk of the 4,200 outages.  Conversations with the drivers revealed that workmen came from as far away as Texas and Washington DC. The workman mentioned that the workforce is stretched all over the East coast from this most recent nor’easter and that crews are still in Puerto Rico repairing the infrastructure.

According to a press release from Springfield Township, Waverly experienced damage equal to hurricane Sandy. A damage assessment has been done and work is to commence Saturday morning with a completion date of Wednesday March 14 for the majority of outages. Clusters will be brought on line sporadically.