MAPLEWOOD, NJ - During the Feb. 19 meeting of the Maplewood Township Committee meeting, Fire Chief Michael Dingelstedt announced that a large number of members of the department would be presented with Awards for various meritorious acts during the past year.

Dingelstedt then turned the microphone over to Deputy Chief Michael Weber so that he could present each recipient with their appropriate award. All those honored received a certificate, while some also received a citation bar and the last two received both plus a medal.

Once the firefighters had all been recognized and honored with their awards, there was a special presentation by Captain Keith Addie to Jamie Skiles, a Maplewood resident, who had designed the company emblem for Engine 32, the department’s newest piece of equipment. Skiles was presented with a crystal piece with a duplicate of the company emblem on it.

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The various presentations, recipients of each and what they received is listed below:

Administrative Award (Certificate)

Presented to: FF Salvatore Aliano, FF/EMT Matthew Antolino, FF Wayne Crowell Jr., FF/EMT William Davitt,
FF/EMT David Hoy, FF Miguel Perez, Deputy Chief Richard Salkowski, FF/EMT Alberto Sanchez & FF Kenneth Yarussi for their efforts conducted in improving the training capabilities of the fire department by designing and  creating an on-site training center behind fire headquarters.

The nine members provided building material and construction services at no cost and donated their off-time to contribute to the project. Without their dedication and motivation to improve the training for the firefighters,
this project would not have been possible

UNIT CITATION AWARD (Certificate, Citation Bar) 

Presented to: Captain Keith Addie, Captain Chris Ariemma, FF/EMT Steve Cassiello, FF/EMT Jon Conklin, FF Wayne Crowell Jr., FF Ciro D'Urso, FF Angelo Fiorenza, FF/EMT Anthony Fortunato & FF Kenneth Yarussi for their actions performed at a serious head on collision between a bus and a garbage truck on February 20, 2018.

Deputy 3, Engine 32, Ladder 31 and Rescue 37 responded at 12:43 p.m. for the reported motor vehicle accident on Springfield Ave. near the NJ Transit Bus Garage. Engine 32 arrived on scene, Captain Addie reported a head-on collision involving a NJ Transit Bus and a garbage truck with multiple injuries. The driver of the empty bus was heavily entrapped behind the steering wheel and required extensive extrication. There were four workers on the garbage truck, a driver, a passenger and two others on the rear step, which all sustained serious injuries  requiring treatment, bringing the total number of injured to five.     

Captain Addie, FF Yarussi and FF D'Urso deployed the hydraulic tools off of Engine 32 and started to extricate the driver of the bus, who was in critical condition. Deputy Chief Salkowski arrived shortly after, assumed command and coordinated rescue efforts with all companies. Rescue 37 arrived on scene, FF/EMT Conklin and FF/EMT Fortunato provided patient care to the bus driver and four workers on the garbage truck with the assistance of Captain Ariemma. Ladder 31 arrived on scene, FF Crowell Jr., FF Fiorenza and FF/EMT Cassiello deployed a second set of hydraulic tools and assisted with the extrication of the bus driver. Rescue 37 transported the driver of the bus, while additional EMS agencies transported the other four patients to University Hospital in Newark.

All personnel that responded displayed true professionalism under difficult and stressful conditions, and worked as a cohesive unit. The members not only had to deal with the rescue of the heavily entrapped driver, but also had to provide triage, patient care with a delay in mutual aid EMS units, and mitigate a large fluid spill with a large crowd present.

LIFE SAVING AWARD (Certificate, Citation Bar)

Presented to: FF/EMT William Davitt, FF/EMT David Hoy, FF Miguel Perez & FF/EMT Alberto Sanchez for their actions performed at a CPR medical call on August 21, 2018.

Rescue 37, Deputy 3 and Ladder 31 responded at 10:50 a.m. to 2091 Millburn Ave. for the reported unconscious. Upon arrival, Rescue 37 personnel found a patient on the floor of a doctor's office with the medical staff performing CPR. The patient had no pulse and FF/EMT Davitt, FF/EMT Hoy, FF Perez and FF/EMT Sanchez took over patient care by performing CPR and delivering two shocks with an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).
The patient regained a pulse and was transported by Rescue 37 and Paramedics to Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in Newark. FF/EMT Sanchez assisted FF/EMT Davitt and FF/EMT Hoy with continued patient care during transport to the hospital
. The patient was responsive in the emergency room prior to fire department personnel leaving the hospital.

All personnel that responded displayed true professionalism and utilized their hours of EMS training to save the life of another human being. Without the quick decision making and life-saving effort, the patient would not have survived.

MERIT AWARD (Certificate, Citation Bar, Medal)

Presented to: Captain Christopher Ariemma & FF Connor Hamilton for their actions performed at a house fire on September 11, 2018.

Deputy 3, Engine 32, Engine 33 and Ladder 31 responded at 3:21 a.m. to 10 Nelson PI. for the reported smoke coming from under an apartment door. While responding, REMCS received a second call reporting a structure fire. Engine 32 arrived on scene, Captain Ariemma reported an occupied two-story wood frame multiple dwelling with flames showing from the second floor on the Charlie/Delta corner. While advancing the initial hand line to the second floor, Captain Ariemma and FF Hamilton discovered Maplewood Police Sergeant James DeFazio and Officer Rob Smith attempting to remove an unresponsive victim from an apartment across the hall.

Captain Ariemma and FF Hamilton kept the fire apartment door shut to prevent flames from entering the
common hallway, dropped the hand line and assisted Sergeant DeFazio and Officer Smith in removing the victim down the stairs to the exterior. Once the victim was removed from the structure, Captain Ariemma and FF Hamilton re-entered the structure and advanced the hand line into the fire apartment, where they encountered heavy fire conditions. The intense flames were extinguished quickly, which prevented fire extension to the other apartments.

Captain Ariemma and FF Hamilton displayed true professionalism and utilized their many hours of training and years of experience to have the presence in mind to make a difficult decision to hold the fire in check by keeping the door closed, abandoned suppression efforts and save the life of another human being.


Presented to: Jamie Skiles (Maplewood Resident) for designing the company emblem for the Engine 32.