MAPLEWOOD, NJ — The Maplewood Police Department works hard to protect the residents and their property. The vast majority of property crimes committed in the township are preventable by properly securing vehicles, homes and other property.  

Vehicles should be locked without any valuables left in view.  It is very rare that entry is forced into a vehicle in order to commit a theft and typically only occur when something of value is left in plain view. The majority of auto thefts are also preventable. The majority of the vehicles stolen over the past few years have been because the vehicles were left running and/or because they had been left unsecured with keys or valet keys inside them. We are asking that you assist us in reducing these crimes by making sure all vehicles and homes are properly secured at all times. 

With the upcoming holiday season, there is an increase in package deliveries and package thefts. In order to reduce the amount of thefts, please attempt to schedule deliveries when someone will be home, have packages delivered to a work address or make arrangements with a neighbor or friend to have the packages brought inside once delivered. Also, be alert and contact the police if you observe individuals following delivery trucks or unfamiliar individuals on foot that appear to be casing homes where packages have been delivered.

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If you do call, get as much descriptive information as you can about the type of vehicle, color, make/model, license plate info, and if you can, provide descriptive information about the person or persons in the vehicle — age, hair color, clothing description and color, distinguishing features — facial hair, tattoos, height, or anything else you think may help the officers catch them.

Securing your property and your cars can have an impact on reducing crime and catching criminals. Please continue to partner to prevent crime.