MAPLEWOOD, NJ — As part of the effort to maintain the streets in Maplewood Township, the Engineering Department undertakes projects every year to work on various roads. These improvements generally consist of new handicap ramps at the intersection of the streets and providing a new pavement surface on the road. The work does not include new sidewalks and curbing along the streets, except where necessary for drainage issues.

2019 Road Program - Durand Road: The 2019 Road program is kicking off today, October 14. The contractor will be performing concrete work on the curb and sidewalk on the north side of Durand between Maplewood Ave and Woodland Rd.  Work is anticipated to take approximately 2-3 days. The westerly drive lane and sidewalk will be blocked during the construction work and traffic along the easterly lane (towards train station) will continue to flow with parking located on the south side.  The township is waiting for a revised schedule from the contractor, they will likely mobilize to Woodside Rd. after Durand to work on concrete work associated with ADA ramps, etc. later in the week or the following week; a revised update will be provided once information is received. 

Striping Improvements Prospect Street and Sommer Ave: Striping improvements are scheduled for Tuesday, October 15 on Prospect Street at the intersection with Sommer Ave.  Work will begin at 9 a.m. and be completed by the end of the day.  Traffic will be diverted/detoured while the work is being completed.  We have coordinated this effort with police and traffic directors have been assigned to this detail.  "No parking" signs will be posted throughout the construction area. 

Striping Improvements Maplewood Ave (Beach Ave to Jefferson Ave): New Jersey American Water will be working to correct the book end striping that delineates parking along Maplewood Ave between Beach and Jefferson on Tuesday, October, 15.  This work will start at 7 a.m. and will take a few hours.  Parking will be restricted during this time to provide access for the contractor.