SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - Shortly before 10:30 am, the South Orange Fire Department received a call of a fire at 232 Waverly Place and responded to an occupied dwelling with a fire in a third floor bedroom. Mutual aid was requested and Maplewood responded with and engine and full complement of firefighters as did Orange and East Orange with w Ladder truck. At the same time, Millburn sent one ladder truck to the South Orange Fire Headquarters to provide cover should there be another incident.

Deputy Chief John Denvir managed the scene and the crews from all the various companies assisted in working the fire and by 10:53 the main body of the fire was knocked down. The fire was knocked down by 11:10am and the companies were overhauling the building. That is, they were opening areas where fire could be behind walls, and opening up areas where there were hot spots so as to be sure they wouldn’t reignite.

The homeowner, Dennis Bynum said “My wife and I were asleep when one of our sons woke us telling us there was a fire on the third floor and to get out. We did, as well as the rest of the family that was home and no one was hurt. So the bad news is our house got burned, but the good news is everybody is ok.” Deputy Chief Denvir and Captain Spencer Marin both told Tapinto SOMA that there were no injuries to any of the companies working the scene.

In addition to the fire companies working the fire, the South Orange Rescue squad were on standby should they be needed, and the South Orange Police were providing traffic control for safety.