LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- TAPintoTV’s Brian Brodeur spoke with Chuck Kovach about his new venture, Chuck Kovach’s Collaborate for Results

An intriguing question led to a new business venture for Chuck Kovach, a corporate education and distance learning consultant and associate professor at Seton Hall University, who spoke with TAPintoTV’s Executive Producer, Brian Brodeur about his latest venture. “It really started with some very fortunate conversations I had with good relationships in my network,” Kovach said. After being asked what makes you different, the idea for Chuck Kovach’s Collaborate for Results came to fruition. 

For collaboration to work best, Kovach explained, it’s important to give up the misconception that the client is the learner and that they need to be instructed. Instead, he explained, “it’s really being able to give up being the expert and really being open to the client,” he said. “What I hope you feel when we work together is that we are truly collaborating, we’re doing this together, and I’m doing this with you, not for you, or to you,” Kovach added.

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As a professor at Seton Hall Stillman School of Business, Kovach teaches a seminar on what is important for someone to do in times of crisis. “The program has really been an opportunity to work with some highly-motivated students and explore things like maintaining the mission of your unit when everything’s breaking loose,” he explained. “People learning new things and being able to do new things is both more important than it’s ever been and harder to accomplish than it’s ever been,” Kovach said.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has moved Kovach’s work as a collaborator and teacher remote, he has found benefits to the virtual learning environment. “Virtual communication has really helped us accelerate something that was already happening in this world and it gives the opportunity for people to connect on a much broader and more meaningful level,” Kovach explained.

In addition to his consulting business, Kovach is pursuing research about how companies can react to and prepare differently for the inevitable crises that erupt, which is particularly timely while we are in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Despite our best efforts to learn from them, they reoccur,” Kovach said about crises. Through their current research, he and his team are exploring, “Do we really need to approach learning from crisis differently to hopefully reduce, avoid and somehow have a positive impact.”