My cats are finicky eaters. All cats are finicky eaters but mine, I think, are worse because they’re spoiled... by me of course! Want an example? Pyewacket has decided the only way he’ll drink water is if I pour it from a bottle onto the shower floor and he laps at the stream. Sometimes he dips his paw into a pool of water, brings it to his mouth and licks it, but mostly he wants me to “bottle feed him.”

Both he and Stanley like variety in their meals, so I found an online animal food delivery service that sends out enough tins for as many weeks at a time as you like. Problem is, after a while Pyewacket and Stanley wanted a different menu.

So I logged onto their website and discovered what seemed like 4 billion different flavors but not the ones I was seeking. After spending up to an hour searching their lists, I noticed an old fashioned telephone number that also read, “call us 24/7 and we’ll be glad to assist you.” A happy step back into the 20th century, but I’ve tried that before with other dot-coms and all I got was a busy signal.

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I tenuously dialed the number and much to my delight, a voice said, “Hello, I’m Robert M., how may I help you?” An honest to goodness, real live human being, not a robot with a list of possible numbered choices from which to choose.

I almost cried as I poured my heart out to Robert who listened patiently and then said something I hadn’t heard in a long time, “Don’t worry, I’ll do it all for you. Just tell me what you need.” obviously understands that some of us aren’t as computer-savvy as others and instead of instructing the caller on how to click here or click there, goes straight to the problem and solves it, using not simulated sound, but a real live person with a wonderful supportive, caring voice.

This well-run organization has bridged the gap between personal and impersonal service. They have provided an “out of fashion” but very welcome solution for Seasoned Citizens and others who, like myself, enjoy the convenience of the electronic world but really miss the human touch. . . and are thrilled to find it still exists.

Thank you,, for making me feel there’s a light at the end of this modern electronic tunnel. Perhaps if other companies follow suit, future generations will again learn the importance of a real voice and one-on-one relationships with fellow human beings. Meanwhile, Pyewacket and Stanley can enjoy delicious new flavors without their “mom” losing her confidence or her temper and remain, in their eyes, a real “cool cat!”

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