In the spirit of the holidays, I’ve written stories about Christmas and what it means to my family. I’d like to share with you a sweet family Hanukkah story.

My nephew, John, his lovely wife, Debbie, and adorable children, Emily and Derek, live in California. John is Christian and Debbie is Jewish; they are quietly introducing the children to the traditions and customs of their individual faiths.

What a pleasant surprise when we viewed a number of Facebook pictures of a Hanukkah celebration at their home. There was our golden-haired Emmy lighting a candle on the menorah with Derek looking on—his orange yarmulke was tilted at a rakish angle; he’s all boy! Not to be outdone, Emmy wore a pink yarmulke so she could share in this part of the celebration!

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We saw photos of the menorah, special cookies and gifts and these beautiful children. I was impressed with the serious and intent expressions on their precious faces: This was an important and awesome occasion and they were fully absorbing the experience, as children will often do.

Debbie wrote that after their celebration came to a close, Emmy exclaimed: “This was the best Hanukkah ever!”

John, Debbie and the children are now gearing up for Christmas, another teaching holiday in my book. In my heart, I see these teachings and traditions as a small but vital step toward peace and understanding in this fractured world. Let the children lead us…

“Chag Sameach and Merry Christmas! God bless you and Shalom!”

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