Author’s Note: May 23 was our mother’s birthday. Please enjoy meeting her again.

Our mother was a loving and caring woman, always ready to listen. Her warmth and welcoming nature made anyone who entered her home feel that this was truly where they belonged. 

When I was a teenager, my girlfriends loved to stay overnight. Mom would bring cookies and milk up to my room and sit on the bed and talk with us for hours, sharing her thoughts and ideas about growing up and life in general. My friends listened intently and asked questions which she answered honestly and from the heart. She enjoyed these occasions as much as my friends.

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Mom reigned supreme in her kitchen. One of my brother’s friends announced that Mom made the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ever, always served with a smile no matter how many she fed. She could make a meal fit for a king out of leftovers and my husband said she could even make an old shoe taste good!

At our 40th high school reunion, the continental breakfast was the last event of that weekend and I brought Mom with me. My classmates, now in their fifties, hugged and kissed her reminiscing about the times they spent at our home. One of the guys said that since many of them had lost one or both parents, she was their connection to a happy and simpler life gone by. She was treated like a queen that day and she loved every minute of it.

Mom dressed with a flair—a scarf here, matching pin and earrings there—her silver gray hair impeccably styled. Her radiant smile and sparkling eyes completed the portrait.

Our mother, Mary, was an elegant woman with a kind heart and a beautiful soul. She had a quiet dignity about her and yet had a zest for life with all its twists and turns.  She left a wonderful legacy for us to cherish.

Happy Birthday, Mom. We’d sure love to watch you blow out your candles once again. We love and miss you very much.

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