“I’m all dressed up for the dance.” So goes the 1957 hit song by Marty Robbins.

Our high-school aged kids and grandchildren are heading into “prom madness.” I can’t help but fondly remember my prom those many years ago.

Once the prom committee was established, off we went with ideas for a theme, how to decorate, would we have dates, who was going to Jone’s Beach the next day, etc. Unfortunately, my mind isn’t letting me retrieve the theme for the dance. Perhaps one of my schoolmates who reads this column will remember—this is frustrating and will be fodder for another column.

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I had been dating Larry, a real nice guy, originally from the south, for most of our senior year—Art and I hadn’t started what would be a many-years-long connection; that would take place a couple of months after graduation.

What fun it was shopping for a prom gown with Mom. The perfect gown was found in the second store we visited: a pale blue, strapless creation with plenty of tulle and sparkly stones on the bodice—I felt like a princess. Of course, I had to get shoes dyed to match.  My friends, Carol and Kathy, had their gowns and we compared notes and ideas on how to really wow our dates.  We “did” our own hair; these days the beauty salons are booked solid with pretty young women choosing all manner of hair styles.

Finally, the “big night!” We met at Carol’s home; her Mom took pictures while her Dad cautioned us about the partying after the prom and to drive carefully—limousines weren’t in fashion then.  I have a picture in my special album.  Here we are, smiling so happily: Kathy and Jack, Carol and Ken and Larry and me. The guys are so handsome in their white tuxedo jackets (and yes, pink carnations). We young ladies look like we stepped out of “Seventeen” in poufy pastel gowns and wrist corsages (also the “in” thing).  Ah, sweet innocent youth.

I do remember dancing a lot—Larry was a fabulous dancer and in those days, I could dance forever.  By the way, I have a photo of Art and his date.

My, my, my he was one handsome dude!

For days after, my friends and I talked and created our own memories of this marvelous and magical experience; even our mothers were happy to be a part of these “girl talks.”  That being said, I hope you enjoy the preparation for and excitement of this very important and happy chapter in your life.  
Laugh, sparkle and dance your feet off. Most important? Use common sense and be safe.