I appreciate receiving comments and feedback from those who read my columns.  They’ve stopped me to share their thoughts at Somers Pharmacy, CVS and even the Mobil station!  I’ve received emails and some phone calls.  All of these tell me I’ve hit a nerve and that these friends and strangers think and/or relate to my written words.

No column has brought more comments than “What have they done to my City,” which has been re-run each year and the recent “Hole in the world...”,  remembering our nation’s horrific, devastating and unthinkable terrorist acts on September 11, 2001.

“There are certain things that happen that are seared in our minds for eternity,” wrote Carol.  “For me, they are the blackouts during WWII; celebrations when the war ended; the assassination of President Kennedy and those of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, and most recently the horror of 9/11.  As we approach the anniversary of that awful day, the feelings return:  What was going to happen to us? The silence in the skies as all flights were canceled.  The unease lasted for a long, long time.”  

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She continued:  “The sad part is that there are many young adults who were not born then and the feeling isn’t the same for them. I believe that the meaning for them is not the same as it is for the rest of us.  I read that there are some who don’t even believe that the Holocaust took place.  Will this happen with 9/11?  What has happened to our world?”

In an email from Jane, she wrote:  “Someone recently told me that people are forgetting about 9/11.  I was shocked that someone would even say that.  How can anyone forget that horrific day and the aftermath that ensued?  Never, never, never.”

A few years ago as we marked the 15th anniversary of 9/11, a friend and former colleague whom I’d sent a copy of the column wrote to me.  She remembered an office mate that was on the first plane to hit the north tower and a former employee who was on the 91st floor of the south tower when the second plane hit.  She was standing in front of the TV watching the news when she saw the second plane hit.  That is a scene she has never been able to erase from her memory.

A final poignant remembrance from another reader:  “I have become teary-eyed more than once in the past weeks watching memorials of 9/11.  It is still difficult to fathom that it happened.  God bless all those lost souls and the survivors who are still fighting demons and illnesses related to this horrific catastrophe.” 

And so it goes.... We must never forget!  Remember how we as a nation came together on 9/12?  Oh, to be helping, caring and holding on to each other once again.  Could we push aside some of the fractured parts of our world and get a little bit of that togetherness back again?  It could work or maybe not...won’t know unless we give it a try!